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Team Wife Homestead

A small homestead in Lynden, Ontario offering goat milk

soap, woodwork, hatching eggs, cut flowers and photography rentals.

Two beautiful alpacas will be joining the homestead August 2023! 


Goat Milk Soap

Our handmade goat milk soaps are made with fresh goat milk from our small herd. We use a variety of oils, butters, essential oils and local beeswax to complete our recipes. 

Soaps are released in small batches throughout the year. $6 each or 5 bars for $25. Contact us to order!

Custom orders available for occasions such as wedding favors, party favors and bulk orders.


Current scents are: pink grapefruit, lemongrass, lemon, patchouli lavender, eucalyptus

To stay in the loop join our mailing list below or follow us on Instagram @team.wife.homestead



We would love to work with you to create your custom products! We do lots of cutting boards, shelves, muskoka chairs, montessori learning towers and other projects.


We also have cutting boards and serving trays (pictured) on hand and available for last minute gifts!

Contact us to start the conversation!


Sebastopol Geese

Sebastopol geese are known for their curly white feathers that give the appearance they are wearing a wedding dress! 

Sebastopol geese are a heritage breed listed on the Livestock Conservancy. Our breeding program will help maintain their population and preserve the breed. 

2023 eggs are incubating! Goslings are sold straight run for $100/each. Join the waitlist!

Dairy Goats

We keep a small herd of goats for home dairy. We use the milk for cheese making, coffee, cooking and many other uses in the kitchen. We also use the milk in our handmade goat milk soap and lotion!

Our does, Sophie and Maggie, are a Nubian Alpine cross. We enjoy the qualities from each of these large milking breeds. Our does are strong milkers and at peak production we get about 6L of milk per day from each goat!

Our buck is a registered Nigerian Dwarf. Calm, easy to handle and very affectionate. Great genetics to pass on to the next generation!

We call the kids "Mini Milkers". They are a medium size which results in a manageable goat with higher milk production than a miniature breed. Perfect for small homesteads and hobby farms wanting to do home dairy or keep goats as pets. 

We have kids available every Spring!



We are open to photographers looking for a beautiful spot for seasonal minis, engagement shoots, wedding photos, family photos or any other shoot!

Spring rate is $50/hr in the greenhouse. As of July 1st, rate increases to $75/hr and includes the greenhouse and cut flower garden. A bucket of blooms will be provided for your shoot. Alpaca photoshoots will be available starting October/November 2023.

Ready to book? Use the Contact Us section to reach out!



Our cut flower garden is bursting with blooms from late July through to frost! 

Bouquets available through the season with a portion of the proceeds donated to non-profits. Simply send us a message to order!

We also book a limited number of events such as baby showers, engagement parties, small weddings and other celebrations through the season. DIY and pick your own options as well.

Contact to book for 2023! 


Hatching Eggs

Hatching eggs are available now!


We brought in new genetics from all the way out in BC this season to ensure we had an amazing Copper Maran rooster to cover our hens! 

Our flock of hens consists of the following breeds: crested cream legbar, copper maran, americauna, silver laced wyandotte, welsummer, olive eggers (F1, F2, BC1), and some barnyard mixes with the most beautiful heavy blooms!

$20/dozen - email us to purchase!

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