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Team Wife Homestead

A small homestead in Lynden, Ontario offering goat milk

soap and skin products, woodwork, hatching eggs, cut flowers and photography rentals.


Photography Bookings

The homestead is available to book for photoshoots year round!

We have seasonal sets in the greenhouse, alpacas, cut flower garden, and Christmas sets. 

Check out our website shop to book!

If you love the space and want photos done, we can connect you with photographers that have upcoming bookings. 

We also host content days for photographers to come enjoy the space and take photos of creative set ups and models. The theme for 2024 is Love Through the Ages.

Photo by Melissa Shearer Photography


Weddings & Elopements

We offer a beautiful location for micro-weddings and elopements. If you are dreaming of a unique outdoor location with a country, vintage, floral vibe then we can meet your needs!

Packages start at only $1500

Email us to start the conversation at

Photo by Mackenzie Higgs Photography


Dairy Goats

We keep a small herd of goats for home dairy. We use the milk for cheese making, coffee, cooking and many other uses in the kitchen. We also use the milk in our handmade goat milk soap and lotion!

Our does, Sophie and Maggie, are a Nubian Alpine cross. We enjoy the qualities from each of these large milking breeds. Our does are strong milkers and at peak production we get about 4-5L of milk per day from each goat!

Our buck is a registered Nigerian Dwarf. Calm, easy to handle and very affectionate. Great genetics to pass on to the next generation!

We call the kids "Mini Milkers". They are a medium size which results in a manageable goat with higher milk production than a miniature breed. Perfect for small homesteads and hobby farms wanting to do home dairy or keep goats as pets. 

We have kids available every Spring! 

unnamed (2).jpg

Goat Milk Soap

Everyday we hand-milk our two does, Sophie and Maggie. With the abundance of milk that they provide we began making soap in 2021. We release small batches of various scents every couple of months. 

Goat milk is highly moisturizing and great for your skin.  Each bar is made on property and is often decorated with dried flowers grown in our garden. 

Ingredients include: goat milk from our small herd along with olive oil, shea butter, coconut oil, lye and essential oils.

Wholesale batches are also available for purchase-email for more information,

In 2023 we began making high quality traditional lard soaps from homestead raised pork. See  web shop for more details. 



Sebastopol geese are a friendly and beautiful breed of goose on the conservation list. They are known for looking like they are wearing a wedding dress due to their long curly white feathers!


We have a small breeding program and sell goslings and hatching eggs from about February to May each year. On occasion, we have adults and pairs available. 



We welcomed home our small herd of alpacas July 2023.


Their purpose on the homestead is primarily enjoyment, but their fibre will be put to good use and we welcome photographers to do photoshoots with them.

We will be sending our fibre to the mill Spring 2024 and will have products available later that year. 

Photographers can book dates through our shop!

Photo by: Melissa Shearer



Our cut flower garden is bursting with blooms from late July through to frost! 

Bouquets available through the season with a portion of the proceeds donated to non-profits. Simply send us a message to order!

We also book a limited number of events such as baby showers, engagement parties, small weddings and other celebrations through the season. DIY and pick your own options as well.

Contact to book! 



We have always been handy but have really gotten into woodworking over the past few years. We love seeing new and custom designs come to life and try and focus on usable, beautiful pieces.  With this in mind we do a lot of cutting boards, coasters and charcuterie platters. In addition to this we enjoy making shelves, tables and a variety of furniture. 


Hatching Eggs

We sell hatching eggs Spring through Summer.


We brought in new genetics from all the way out in BC this season to ensure we had an amazing Copper Maran and Crested Cream Legbar rooster to cover our thens! 

Our flock of hens consists of the following breeds: crested cream legbar, copper maran, americauna, silver laced wyandotte, welsummer, olive eggers (F1, F2, BC1), and some barnyard mixes with the most beautiful heavy blooms!



Our little apiary started off as one hive in the spring of 2023 with plans to expand each year. We are very excited to say that we will have honey available for fall 2024!

Our homestead is surrounded by fields of flowers which have resulted in delicious honey. We hope that you enjoy it as much as we do!

Homestead Shop

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