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Preorder yourhatching eggs for Spring!


Our focus is on producing multigenerational olives, speckles, blues, unique browns, heavy blooms and copper eggs. Most of our chicks are mixed breeds in order to accomplish these egg colours. However, there are some pure cream crested legbars and copper marans in the mix!


Hatching eggs are sold for $25 per dozen. We fulfill dozens as they are laid (sorry, no selections). You will receive a lovely mix!


Choose your pick up week. We take a limited number of orders per week to ensure we can realistically fill each one on time. Please be aware, we may have to change your date if the hens don't cooperate!


No guarantees on hatch rates, but fertility is thoroughly checks before we start selling. All sales final. 


Pick up in Lynden ON. No shipping. 


Questions? Email

Hatching Eggs (Chickens)

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